Live Plants are available year around for delivery and pickup.

The plant types can vary daily, so we ask that you call and talk to one of our professionals at 608-965-8505 to discuss the best option for your gift.

Note: The plants shown below are samples of previous sold items.
Plants can vary greatly and many more options and plant types are available.

Live Plant – Dieffenbachia

A beautiful tropical flowering plant, easy to care for and full of lush leaves marked in shades of cream, yellow or white.

Live Plant – Bromeliad

Striking wide, sword shaped leaves topped with a brightly colored, long-lasting blooms.

Live Plant – Calla Lily

Featuring dark green leaves with unusual trumpet shaped flowers can be planted outside or will thrive indoors as well. 

Live Plant – Kalanchoe

This colorful tropical, succulent is low-maintenance houseplant and has long lasting flowers.